Happy New Year

I started this website in April 2016, and have been ‘on and off’ in respect of adding content and editing. I am always in two minds if people read the articles, or wether even the quality of items I publish are sufficient to entice curious readers. But, 8 months in, and into the start of a new year I am more determined than ever to continue.

Many URBEX blogs and websites lack anything of local history or interest in the places they visit, but this is where I hope I am different. Each of the places  I visit and subsequently publish are selected because I find them historically interesting and having come across a lack of much information online about them I feel I should try and raise the bar. In some respects I am not an URBEXer, but a more adventurous amateur historian. The hobby or URBEXing seems to have taken on a new ethos in recent years, and it is not really one I wish to associate myself with; the challenge appears to be less about exploring the forgotten, but more in accessing the inaccessible. On a moral note, the hobby itself covers some grey areas in terms of land access, but please know I will not damage or force access onto any site, opting to find a new approach to documenting or recording. I hope that the activities of the few won’t damage the reputation of the many.

I will continue to publish what I feel are interesting articles on this site, and I hope those readers that happen to come across the site will find them interesting and enjoyable. I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year, and I am excited to see what 2017 brings.