Moment Battery Case – First Look

Moment claim that this case is the best battery case for iPhone on the market; and to give them their dues, I think they are right.

So, I backed the Moment battery case on Kickstarter during their campaign ended in April  2017. As early bird funder 227 I got an iPhone 7 battery case for $69 USD, plus shipping and taxes – saving $30 on the retail price and the chance to own the case early, I was chuffed!  However, with a shipping date forecast of June 2017, manufacturing problems, stolen prototypes and shipping delays, it was September before I received my case. I was a bit disappointed I missed the chance to use the case throughout the summer, but having just received the case,  any prior disappointment has been truly abated.

Having only used the case briefly in the two days since receiving it, this review is limited to first impressions, so here goes:

Build quality is excellent. The case has a solid, albeit slightly heavy, feel to it. The rubberised exterior is comfortable to hold and feels secure in damp hands. Given that the case contains a battery comparable to the phone, the weight is justified.

The phone slips into the case thanks to the elastic properties of the top of the case. This is similar to how the Apple battery case functions, but Moment have used a tougher and more robust material.

The phone case itself is well styled, the battery being contained in the thicker lower three quarters of the phone, while the top quarter of the case is much slimmer to enable the redesigned mounting system and lenses to fit. I love the rugged appearance and feel.

The battery boasts a 100% charge of the iPhone 7, and having drained my phone to almost empty the case brought it back to full.  Charging is achieved by means of a lightning port at the bottom of the case. This is a major addition, and worth whatever cost to Moment to include this. Plug in a charger and a small LED beside the charger port communicates the status of the internal battery – green for fully charged.

The bottom of the case adds an an extra 10mm to the length of the phone, but has to contain the lightning charging port and also the lightning connector inside the case to connect to the phone when fitted. There are also two sound ports mirroring those on the bottom of the phone. Moment has also built in two lanyard anchor points – a great addition when using the phone outdoors for added security and peace of mind.

Moment has also redesigned the mounting system for its series of lenses. Their new lenses are fitted with the new system, but legacy lenses can be retrofitted with the new system. These can be purchased at low cost from Moment and fit very easily over the old lens bayonet connections, as shown in the images below. The new system is easy to fit to the case and feels secure – more so than the old mounting system.

There is a shutter button! This button works in both the native iPhone Camera app, but functionality is limited to ‘click to take’ photographs, and doesn’t facilitate the hold to burst function. In the moment app the new button allows you to half push to spot focus, and fully depress the button to take the snap. The button itself is large enough even for gloved hands, but it lies below the surface of the case protecting it from damage in pockets. This small feature suddenly changes the Moment case and iPhone from just a phone with a big battery to a compact camera.

Finally, the Moment app. Without going into too much detail about the app, what I can say is that features such as the ability to take photographs in JPEG, TIFF or RAW is great for those wanting more than the native app, but also the app recognises that a case is fitted. Showing phone and case battery levels, you can also select wether battery charging is on or off. This was a slight worry of mine before getting the case; I didn’t want to have the case always ‘on’ and keeping my phone full, I prefer the option of running down my phone battery and then choosing to charge from the case. It just feels like the right thing to me – good option Moment! The app also has a widget that can be installed on the widget screen of the phone. This is amazing! So simple, but to be able to turn charging on and off, s well as check the battery level of the case and select which camera function within the app to open is invaluable, make sure you check it out and add it to your home screen!

To summarise, I am thrilled with this new case from Moment. I have the feeling my phone will live in the case the majority of the time, regardless of wether or not I am carrying any lenses with me. It is an optimum battery case and offers great protection and looks great. Moment continues to produce great mobile lenses that take your mobile photography to the next level, and this case really tops off the family. I thoroughly recommend.