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The legacies left behind following any conflict can be far reaching. While we may not have been on the conventional frontline, events in ‘our wee country’ have had considerable impact. This site aims to be more than a pillbox fan site, or an URBEX photo album; I hope to reveal the rich variety of defensive structures and sites that sit on the north of this island, from Martello towers built to repel a Napoleonic invasion in the early 19th Century to the huge temporary camps set up to prepare soldiers to fight on the frontline in Europe in 1914. More recently, and in living memory are the defensive and technical sites contributing to the defeat of Fascism in the mid 20th Century and the rapid development of often improvised protective structures in support of the fight against Irish terrorism.

I will try to present material in as impartial and accurate a way as possible, in particular for those areas which may still be sensitive, but my aim is to focus on the physical and not deal with the complex personal stories surrounding these sites. Please enjoy this site and I hope you will share and come back to keep updated as it matures.

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