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Site Visit – Berlin-Hohenschoenhausen

Situated firmly in East Berlin sat a secret and prohibited district, left off maps, and surrounded by high walls, barbed wired and armed guards. Inside lay a facility that bred paranoia on the part of the guards, and fear and terror on the part of the prisoners. Their houses raided in the middle of the night, snatched from their families, the relentless snatching of men, women and children who in some way were deemed to be a threat to the DDR (German Democratic Republic). Only years following the demise of Nazism, and the awareness of the heinous crimes committed, similar crimes were being committed. Held in inhumane conditions, subjected to relentless questioning, and psychological torture, prisoners on remand often confessed to the fictitious crimes posed to them simply to end the torment.

Today Hohenschoenhausen is a living history museum, held in time to the moment it closed, and staffed by many who were once interred inside its walls. Tours are given in English and German, and while not on the mainstream tourist trails, it is most definitely worth a visit. Allow at least 2 hours. I visited in May 2017. Below are some of my photographs.