Frontline Ulster Map Project

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  • Create Date 27 April 2021
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This is the current map project KML file (zipped), dated 27 April 2021 containing 1,099 markers covering pre-1900 fortifications through to those used during Operation Banner. The current version is displayed on the interactive page of this site.

This is a long term project and there are still some teething problems, I working through and error checking all the fields in the database as well as updating any images I may have. As such, consider this KML a beta version for development purposes. If you do download and load the file into a GIS package, let me know what you feel I could change or improve on.

You can convert this, or any, KML file into a CSV format for use in Excel by using a free placemark converter here (external link).

Terms and Conditions

  1. All information given is in good faith and has been derived from multiple sources including, in part, the Northern Ireland Heritage and Monument Record and the Extended Defence of Britain overlay. Where this has been done, the appropriate SMR or eDOB reference has been given.
  2. The majority of information has been derived from extensive personal research, and where no other source is referenced, please reference this Frontline Ulster where appropriate.
  3. Inclusion in this database does not infer any historical protection, ownership or right of access. Locations have been included based on my personal assessment that they merit inclusion.
  4. While I have done my best to ensure there are few errors or omissions, I am sure many remain. Please let me know and I will make the necessary amendments.
  5. If you would like to suggest locations for inclusion in this database, please contact me and I will assess the submissions. Any decision is final, and I will credit you for each submission.
  6. I will not include locations of any crimes or terrorist action, and will try to maintain a high threshold of sensitivity when it comes to recording locations associated with the conflict.
  7. All information has been derived from the public record. I will not include any classified location or information unless the information has been released to the public or is public knowledge.