Second World War Fixer Stations

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A KML file containing the markers for all known fixer station locations across the UK. There are currently a total of 66 sites; 36 extant with some remains present, 24 removed with no trace and 6 tenuous sites that may or may not have been part of this network of fixer stations.

Using a combination of sources I have been able to identify 26 extant sites with elements still standing and 10 further demolished sites. Of the 36 sites with visible remains, only 3 appear to have their associated support building still present. The octagonal blast walls exist in many of these, but in some only the concrete base remains. I am sure there are more sites that I have not been able to identify and the list may well grow in the coming months and years. Thank you to those of you who have submitted sites not previously in this database.

The main problem with identification has been the inconsistent classification of the sites, and the use of a variety of terminology. Perhaps some sites had double roles, especially given that the pip-squeak huff-duff technique appeared to cease in 1942, some may have been adjusted for other RDF work or been incorporated into the Y-station network of wireless intercept stations. Perhaps all DF stations fulfilled multiple roles during their operational life.

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