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Glimpse into the Past

As part of my research into the 36 Maintenance Unit Snodland, I visited a site close to the location of this unit during WW2. While this was only a preliminary visit, on a site which is inherently difficult to gain access to and off the beaten track; there was a gem of a find. An access tunnel, connecting two sections of the site bore a plethora of graffiti, scratched in what appears to be chalk (the underlying geology of the area), and due to the absence of the elements which may lead to the deterioration of this writing, it all appears to still be visible today. Below is a snapshot of what still exists:

36 MU Snodland graffiti inside an access tunnel.
36 MU Snodland graffiti inside an access tunnel.

So far, from the images I took, I have been able to identify the names of the following units and contemporary writing among the vast amount of what I can only think is later graffiti and individuals names:

  • RAOC (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
  • WAAC (Women Auxiliary Army Corps – a US unit)
  • WLA (Womens Land Army)
  • Queen’s 19 PLT (platoon)
  • 19 Platoon Oct 6/43
  • REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
  • East Riding Yeomanry
  • KSLI (King’s Shropshire Light Infantry) Royal Norfolks
  • Women’s Voluntary Service
  • Special Investigation Branch, Corps of Military Police (SIB CMP)
  • RASC (Royal Army Service Corps)
  • KRRC (King’s Royal Rifle Corps)
  • Irish Guards
  • Essex 24/5/45
  • Civilians