Nightingale Song

On Tuesday 03 May 2016 I took a walk into Chattenden Woods, on the Hoo Peninsula, Kent. I had heard that Nightingales often congregate here, and as such the site is of national importance for these now rare songbirds. I was lucky to hear their song throughout the evening, and even catch a glimpse of these tiny birds. Here is a short clip of their song.

“On the Hoo Peninsula in Medway, Kent, sits the one of the most important sites in the country for nightingales – Lodge Hill. Nightingales are one of our most iconic birds, famed for the startling beauty of their nocturnal song, but their numbers are in steep decline across England. In 2013, this site’s national importance as a stronghold for our nightingales was recognised when it was notified as a Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI), making the site the only SSSI in the UK notified specifically for nightingales.”


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