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Rosscorr Viaduct

Rosscorr Viaduct in Fermanagh was constructed in 1922 out of precast concrete, but was blown up 50 years later, but not as a result of terrorist action. The damaged portion of the roadway was demolished by the Royal Engineers in the 1970s to prevent the route being used as an… Read More »Rosscorr Viaduct

Frontline Ulster Map Project

    This is the current map project KML file dated 22 January 2022 containing 1,089 markers covering pre-1900 fortifications through to those used during Operation Banner. The current version is displayed on the interactive page of this site. This is a long term project and there are still some teething problems,… Read More »Frontline Ulster Map Project

    The Hard Border

    The contentious issue of the Irish border is not a new one. In secret documents uncovered at the National Archives at Kew, one page in particular highlights measures that were considered and dismissed by military planners. A ‘cordon sanitaire’ a mile or so wide along the Border. Illegal for those… Read More »The Hard Border

    The Development of Internal Security Equipment for Northern Ireland (1972)

    In 1972 Brigadier Sir Ian Jardine had the task of writing a history of the Northern Ireland emergency including an annex on equipment development. The document below is the content of this annex, dated 22 May 1972, and undersigned by the Assistant Chief of the General Staff (Operation Requirements) or… Read More »The Development of Internal Security Equipment for Northern Ireland (1972)